Tuesday, February 28, 2017

For a moment like this

Dear future hubster,
have you ever thought about what you would say standing up there on stage with the golden statue in hand? Would you prepare a speech, or let the moment decide? Would you thank your agent, your creative team, your colleagues? Your parents, teachers, muse? Anybody who's ever inspired you? Those who knew you can, or those who thought you can't? The ones who stayed against all odds, or the ones who got away? 
The stage is symbolic, the statue probably overrated; the moment is artificial. The questions remain valid, red carpet or not.

Saturday, February 25, 2017

It's called a balanced lifestyle

Dear future hubster,
isn't it funny yet sad how all principles of a healthy and environmentally and financially conscious lifestyle go down the drain when one has a little cold?
All I want is the spicy noodle soup that's ready in two minutes and is entirely artificial, followed by the blueberries that came all the way from Peru, and the fattiest hot chocolate accessible in town. 
It goes without saying that I can't go running in this condition, and I'm not sure if my head can handle being upside down for too long, so I may reconsider the restorative yoga session...
I think it'd be safest to stay in bed. Bring on the gl├╝hwein.
I'll be responsible next week. And lecture everybody on how important it is.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

The man of the situation

Dear future hubster,
there will be times when I carry around a problem for a while, and it will take me about two days to blurt out "I need to talk to you". Fear not, it's probably not 'The' Talk, I just need you to sit while I pace up and down the living room, and rattle on about "and then I was thinking why not? but what if yes? but then I read about the balloons and the cheese and I don't know if I have the moral grounds to say that. But maybe I should? Am I overthinking?" and so on. By then, you would know that I don't expect you to solve it for me, but I do expect you to actually listen. Eventually throw in a question I didn't want to hear. Challenge my limiting beliefs. Make me think about it differently.
And when I have a Heureka moment, stop in the living room and tell you: "You're a genius!" although you feel you haven't said a word in the last half hour, don't hesitate, Just take the credit. You were there, in all your sounding board glory, and that was exactly what I needed. 

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

And for Luka, on the second floor

Dear future hubster,
there will be times when I'll be upset, angry, unhappy, furious about something you did or didn't do. I will struggle on the inside, between not wanting to make you feel bad, knowing that you probably had no clue of the impact you've made, and that you certainly had no intentions to trigger the emotional reactions you have triggered. I will always be ready to forgive, and believe it won't happen again.
But at the end of the day I will always have to choose to call you out on your BS, to put you on the spot when you've been inconsiderate, irresponsible, selfish, or just unreasonable. I will choose to do that even if I secretly think that I'm being too demanding, too sensitive, too unreasonable myself. I will choose to do that, knowing that our relationship is based on honesty and openness, and that it's a safe place to voice my concerns and discontent.
I will choose to do that, because not everybody can. I will choose to do that on behalf of all the women who don't get to say no.