Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Freedom is a serious affair

Dear future hubster,
please be aware that on her first day back to the so-called "real world", your future wife may display behaviours that seem strange to others. She may feel overwhelmed by the number of decisions she needs to take in the course of one single day, carefully choose a route to ensure that she doesn't have to turn left in an intersection that has no traffic lights (because her mental state doesn't allow her to handle that level of responsibility), be either timid or overly confident in a roundabout and will probably lose all remaining marbles when facing the toilet paper aisle in the supermarket. 
Bear with her. And maybe enroll her in a DIY version of social reintegration programme, for former inmates.

Monday, August 29, 2016

But not today

Dear future hubster,
since we both know that the little wins are just as important as the big ones, today you should be proud of your future wife. She put on a brave face, walked up to the counter at the cafeteria, and said: "Hello, I'm new here (which wasn't entirely true, but considering the conditions, was accurate nonetheless), how do I get a coffee?" And she didn't even blush! Result: nobody got hurt, but a nice cappuccino was delivered. Made extra delicious by the taste of that little win over useless little fears. One day this future wife of yours may even haggle at the market!

Monday, August 22, 2016

All that you can't leave behind

Dear future hubster,
the issue of items I accidentally leave behind is on the rise again. While I have a tendency to frantically look for my keys every morning, even though I leave them at the same place every evening, there are times when I appear to be a secret Santa with a hole-y bag, dropping random belongings of mine at any place, any time. Hansel and Gretel could learn from me.
One may say, this could be a symptom of separation and attachment troubles. One may not be entirely wrong.

Monday, August 8, 2016

But not the same

Dear future hubster,
There is a difference between needing a hug and needing somebody to ask you if you need a hug.
Just thought I'd specify it.

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Lipstick and big girl panties

Dear future hubster,
when you see me at the start of a supposedly normal (working) day wearing an unusual amount of make-up, be sure that something is being concealed under those layers. And not only my teenage pimples and laugh lines.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

The game is on again

Dear future hubster,
for quite a while, I considered myself being the one that constantly gets away, until one day I realized I'd become a Stayer. 
Then I thought being a Stayer was my true identity, that the real me was this breathing cornerstone that you can still find at the same place even after you've refurbished the entire building. Since I'm always looking out for some point of reference, I quite enjoyed the thought of being one. 
Until I became a Goer again. And then I liked that again; blank page, no haunting ghosts from a past known to everybody, skeletons well hidden in the suitcase, brand new chances. 
Except that you can only be a Goer for so long, and before you notice, you've chosen your points of reference, let the ghosts come out, built your relationships. Basically, I became a Goer who happened to stay.
And now I'm a bit of a Stayer who ends up going. I picked up a Newbie today, will give him keys and instructions, and introduce him to true Stayers. Those who actually stay.
Until, of course, they go. But by that time, today's Newbie will be a Stayer.