Thursday, November 21, 2013

Picture appears courtesy of Bad Kitties Be Good

Dear future hubster,
don't you think this whole relationship business was easier if ... ok, I almost said, if we did it doggy style, but boy that's NOT what I meant! ... so, if giving hints didn't have to be so subtle?
Like it was in kindergarten. You like me, you pull my hair, then we make crowns out of beads and then you're the prince and I'm the princess. Tadaaa!
Yes, I know, we're not in kindergarten any more. Although often it still feels like we are. So if no pulling of the hairs is allowed, and you can't just say "Hey girl, you look so insecure, let me be the one who changes that", then I think we're back to taking lessons from dogs.
You know, boy-dog likes girl-dog, boy-dog pees on girl-dog. Girl-dog gets hint, all parties are happy.
More pee, less drama.

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