Saturday, November 9, 2013

Dear future hubster,
You need to be prepared: your future wife is a gypsy at heart. She loves going to places she's only dreamed of, her heart speeds up when she smells the unknown. Discovery makes her feel young and, her curiosity makes her always want to know more.
She will occasionally (or rather regularly) tell you, in that whining tone you will be very familiar with by then, that she hates being constantly on the go, that she gets sick of the mere thought of a suitcase, that she's done with it, she wants to stay home and watch Grey's Anatomy.
While at that specific moment she won't be lying, be careful, dear future hubster, with cancelling your hotel reservations and flight bookings. It's the exact same future wife who will tell you, after her usual 7 minute bah session, still on the plane, that the following summer she wants to see Sarajevo. And probably make it to a full Balkan-tour.
Yeah, dear future hubster, I'm afraid that your future wife is not the most consistent person on this planet. You will have to live with that. And travel with her.

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